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Search Engine Optimization

Service by Four Arrows

Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO, is crucial to any online business trying to get better visibility through search engines. According to many experts, organic web traffic that comes from search engines is still the most valuable type of web traffic you can get.

About This Service

Four Arrows will be glad to help you and boost your ranking in the search engine results. With our help, you can rest assured that we will do our best to get you in the results that promise highly convertible visitors. In other words, you will get visitors that are genuinely interested in your products/services.

What makes Four Arrows special when it comes to SEO, is that we have a team of experts who know exactly what popular search engines are looking for in websites and how to optimize and build a website that will meet and exceed their expectations. Our main focus is placed on Google, but the optimization we conduct applies to Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines too.

Learning more about SEO and its importance

What every website owner should know is that the basic purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not to trick the search engines. The main objective of SEO is to deliver a hassle-free experience to users and allowing search engine algorithms to understand what the website is all about. So, search engines are interested in displaying relevant results to their users and SEO is here to help search engines understand when the content of your website is relevant to these searches.

There are many reasons why SEO is important, but the main point is that being visible on the first page on Google guarantees tremendous success for any business. In case your business name and your targeted keywords don’t appear on the first page, you will lose many customers. SEO includes a set of activities that are focused on optimizing your website’s content. Of course, in some cases, you will have to work out of your site to get results. That’s why we have separated our SEO services into two categories – On-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the backbone of SEO and every SEO strategy must contain on-page SEO activities. The things you do to optimize and fix your website for the search engines will have a direct impact on the final results. In other words, by making sure that you have done everything you can for search engines to understand the content and structure of your website, you will ensure that your website will appear higher in the search engine results at least for specific keywords and keyword phrases. Without on-page SEO, there is no reason to use off-page SEO because all your efforts won’t be recognized by Google.

The truth is that there is a wide array of on-page elements and components that have an impact on your overall SEO success. For instance, this process usually starts with analyzing meta titles (names of web pages) and meta descriptions (summarization of site/page content that are displayed in search engine results). On-page SEO also includes evaluation and optimization of your on-page content, checking and improving internal linking and analyzing the structure of URLs. For example, an URL that contains a specific keyword is better than plain URL or URL that contains random words and numbers. At Four Arrows we know that there are many other technicalities that must be taken into account when conducting on-page SEO activities and assure you that we will look into each aspect carefully.

Keywords and keyword phrases are still the most important element of on-page SEO. That’s why we are investing a lot of time and energy on keyword research. We use sophisticated tools for this purpose trying to find the best keywords and phrases for your website. Obviously, we are including these keywords in every on-page element from blog posts and meta descriptions to image names and URLs.

Proper on-page SEO depends on many tiny elements and activities and Four Arrows will identify and optimize all these things.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a set of activities focused on promoting and marketing a website on the World Wide Web. This is a process whose success relies on good planning, strategy, discipline and time. Similar to other SEO aspects, off-page SEO in the past was practiced by black hatters. Today, we know that this approach is wrong and in most cases, it brings more harm than good to website owners. Four Arrows is focused on the organic process of building external links that will eventually make your website more Google-friendly.

So, backlinking is the most important activity when it comes to off-page SEO. This is a straightforward process – websites are building links from other websites that lead to their own. This makes the website look more relevant in the eyes of Internet users and in the eyes of web robots, crawlers, and spiders that help search engines rank websites.

What is important in this process is to find the best sites to target. Obviously, you should look for websites with high authority and high web traffic. Four Arrows is familiar with sites like this in every niche. We also know how to create engaging content and use the backlink in a natural way.

With Four Arrows you can expect comprehensive SEO services that will take care of both on-page and off-page SEO.