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Time to follow the 3 fruitful SEO friendly link building tactics

Changes on the horizon. It is important to analyze and tune your search techniques. Without any doubts, links are still important for organic search rankings. There is a very strong relationship between links and SERP results and still, Domain Authority remains the key ranking factor.

Links represent user trust!

Day by day, search engines interpretation on what type of content theuser reads, trust and what kind of opinion they listen to has increased. For this matter, sentiment analysis should be considered to create a big impact in your search engine rankings.

Here are the three important and easy tactics that will help you gain good visibility for your brand within budget

Broken Link Building

Find relevant web pages that link to sites that come under your niche. Figure out all the broken links in that site and inform the webmaster about it. Once it is done, kindly suggest that a link to your site to be included in that website, so that the page users will be benefited endlessly.

This technique of building looks tedious, actually, it is not! You can easily scale it by the below four techniques.

  • Decide the niche you want to target
  • It is important to determine search queries to find the relevant pages that are linking to other pages in the same niche.

      Use this search query: digital marketing inurl:links

The above query will give you the relevant site links of the specified search term (“Digital Marketing”)

  • Create a database of those pages and start tracking the opportunities using free tools(Broken link finder)
  • Outreach to the respective site webmaster with a default template. Repeat the process and it will the greatest way to scale this method.

Guest Posting

It’s a known methodology that is being followed for years. Now, the question is how are you going to get the guest posting opportunity for your brand?

Write a factual/interesting/humorous/beneficial post and get someone from your niche who can put the post on their blog and drop a link to your website/blog.

Again, it is important to scale the efforts we put in.

Here are the methods that can be followed to scale the above process,

Example image:

Comment Marketing

To establish you as an authorized source among your audiences, Comment marketing will help. It drops links to your site among engaged audiences and that will give an insightful contribution.

Simple concept:

  • Read the blog post
  • Put across your thoughts in the form of a comment
  • Drop a link in the URL / Website field

How to scale this now?

Performs a google search with the below search query,

“Top Digi Marketing Blogs” that will give you the list of famous and informative blog list. Collect the list of top 30 blogs and that check whether they have a separate section to accept comments, in that they should have a section to drop a link.

Build your database and start commenting on relevant and good blogs. In a month you will have a whole lot of new links from new domains.

At this time, we suggest you to please do some comment marketing, and give us your take on this article and the techniques of link building.

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